Bounty Hunting in Wyoming

Wyoming has very limited legislation regarding the bail bond industry and there are no laws pertaining directly to Bounty Hunters. However, there do appear to be bond agencies serving the state and there is minimal legislation covering processes in returning fugitives that have skipped bail. Therefore, there is a need for Fugitive Recovery Agents to skip trace fugitives.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Wyoming

With no licensing requirements and little legislation you might think that becoming a Bounty Hunter in Wyoming is as simple as picking up a bond and skip tracing. However, due to the nature of the bail bond business, it is necessary to get contracts to skip trace fugitives. And, it is unlikely that bond agencies will hire someone with no knowledge or training about the bail industry. Therefore, we recommend becoming educated and trained on safe and effective skip tracing and fugitive recovery techniques and then approaching bail bond agencies in the county in which you wish to work to ask if they have any outstanding bonds that need to be recovered.

Wyoming Bounty Hunter License and Requirements

There are no licenses or requirements for Bounty Hunters in Wyoming.



A Description of Bounty Hunting