Bounty Hunting in Georgia

Bounty Hunting in Georgia is regulated by the Georgia General Assembly in conjunction with the Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen, an organization that promotes high standards of conduct and cooperation between bondsmen and the criminal justice system and also offers options for education and training. As such, there is much legislation designed to uphold safe and effective fugitive recovery practices. Bounty Hunters are known as “fugitive recovery agents” in Georgia and they hold the power to arrest fugitives even if they resist arrest.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Georgia

To become a Bounty Hunter in Georgia one must complete a continuing education course through the GAPB and find a company that is willing to hire them as a Bail Recovery Agent. Then, they must obtain and send a copy of their driver’s license and firearms permit and picture to the GAPB along with a Bail Recovery Application and a $50 licensing fee. This application must be renewed every year in order to ensure the continuing education of Bounty Hunters in Georgia.

Georgia Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

Bail Recovery Agents a.k.a Bounty Hunters in Georgia must be at least 25 years old, a resident of the state for one year, and a US citizen. They cannot be a fugitive from the law, have pending charges, be a patient of a mental hospital or drug treatment program within the last five years, or a convicted felon. Bounty Hunters must carry an identification card that bears a description of their appearance and signature and may not wear a uniform that identifies them in any way as a public official. This card is obtained through the GAPB as outlined above.

Georgia Bounty Hunting Schools with Criminal Justice Training and Education

A Georgia Bounty Hunting School can be found 100% online or a local UOP campus.  These programs in Criminal justice will prepare future bond agents with proper education to also be certified and trained to work in other Law Enforcement careers including becoming a Georgia Police Officer, Georgia Corrections Officer, FBI Agent, or other related law related careers.  Request free information about Georgia Bounty Hunting Schools with an focus on Criminal Justice.  




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