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Bounty Hunting in Texas is governed by a strict set of rules as to who can be contracted to detain criminals. Bounty Hunting jobs are thus limited by state law to peace officers, individuals licensed as private investigators or the manager of a licensed investigations company, or a commissioned security officer employed by a licensed guard company.

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In order to become a Bounty Hunter in Texas it is therefore necessary to receive training and licensing in one of the above fields. This can be achieved through taking courses offered by 100% online criminal justice institutions. If a person is not licensed in any of the occupations above and contracts with a bail bond company it is a punishable offense. Therefore, Bounty Hunter training and education is absolutely necessary.

Bounty Hunters in Texas must follow a number of strict rules and regulations. For instance, they may not present themselves as a law enforcement agent connected to the government while Bounty Hunting. This is a serious offense and considered a criminal act. Bounty Hunters also may not enter a residence without consent and must take criminals directly to the appropriate jail once they have been captured.

To learn more about the specific procedure for Bounty Hunting in Texas, become-a-bounty-hunter recommends formal training in law enforcement or a related field.

How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Texas

Becoming a Bounty Hunter in Texas can be achieved through formal training and courses offered by colleges and agencies statewide. To become a Bounty Hunter in Texas you first must be licensed as a peace officer, a commissioned security officer, or a private investigator. This can be achieved by taking courses organized by the police force, other state agencies, or colleges. Quite often it is necessary to take some college courses before you can enroll in law enforcement programs through the state. If you choose to become a security officer or private investigator there are also specific courses and licenses that are required.

Once you are licensed it helps to register with organizations such as theTexas Association of Licensed Investigators in order to maintain contact with fellow Bounty Hunters and law enforcement professionals. This may help you maintain contacts with bail bond agencies in the state looking for licensed Bounty Hunters to return criminals that have skipped bond.

Texas Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

To become a Bounty Hunter in Texas you must be licensed as a peace officer, a commissioned security officer employed by a licensed guard company, or a private investigator or manager of a private investigation firm.

Texas peace officer licenses are issue through the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement, which requires that you meet minimum requirements and training such as the Basic Peace Officer Certification course. The formal education to become a licensed peace officer can be achieved at local colleges as many agencies require a certain amount of college credits or even an associate’s degree to be considered for employment and licensing as a peace officer. A peace officer can be anything from a municipal or state police officer to an agent of state enforcmenet agencies such as the Texas Lottery Commission or even campus police while also working as a Bounty Hunter.

To become a commissioned security officer in Texas training is required in the form of a standardized 30 hour training course from a security officer training school approved by the Private Security Bureau of Texas. Commissioned security officers generally work for a licensed security agency as private contractors.

To become a private investigator you must pass the state licensing exam, which can be prepared for through formal training and courses. Private investigators are usually employed by a private investigation company on a contract basis. The Texas Association of Licensed Investigators is dedicated to “professionalism in the field of private investigations through continuing education, public awareness, advanced certification, networking and legislative involvement,”
and can help you become a licensed investigator working as a Bounty Hunter in Texas.

In addition to licensing through courses and training, Bounty Hunters in Texas must follow strict uniform requirements. For instance, you may not display a badge that contains the word “law enforcement” and agent in a way that suggests the Bounty Hunter is connected in any way to the government.

While this may seem like a lot of restrictions it is in the best interest of public safety that Bounty Hunters in Texas are educated and licensed through formal training and courses to ensure that they follow safe practices in fugitive recovery.

Bounty Hunting: In other words

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Texas Bounty Hunter Schools with Criminal Justice Training and Education

Texas Bounty Hunting Schools can be found 100% online.  These programs in criminal justice qualify future bounty hunters with the required background as a Peace Officer, Licensed Security Guard, or Private Investigator, which is needed to become a bounty hunter in Texas.  Request no obligated information for your next step as a Texas fugitive recovery agent. If a Texas criminal justice program is not what you are looking for you can find any other college program here.















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