Bounty Hunting in Virginia, VA

Bounty Hunters in Virginia may arrest fugitives that have skipped bail at any time and return him or her to law enforcement in the area in which the fugitive is to appear before court. In 2005, authority over surety agents, including bail bondsman, was turned over to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. While there are no specific statues applying directly to Fugitive Recovery Agents, making it unclear whether they require a license, there are extensive provisions regarding surety bondsman. There is an option to apply for licensure as an agent bail bondsman, however. This suggests that all employees must be licensed in the bail bond business. If you wish to head a Bounty Hunting business, however, licensure is certainly required.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Virginia

To become a Bounty Hunter in Virginia one must either find employment with a bail bond agency under a licensed bondsman or create their own business. Before thinking about licensure, 24 hours of entry level bail bondsman training must be undertaken. If you are new to fugitive recovery, further education in Virginia bail bond law and training in safe and effective skip tracing and apprehension techniques are highly recommended. Then, you must either find a business that is looking for agents or start your own. Firearms training is also required if you wish to carry firearms. Starting your own company requires licensing as a Property & Casualty Agent through the Bureau of Insurance. For the purposes of pursuing employment as a Bounty Hunter, however, we will focus specifically on the agent’s license as a surety.

Virginia Bounty Hunter License and Requirements

A number of minimum requirements must be met to be licensed as a Bounty Hunter in Virginia. One must be at least 18, a US citizen or legal resident, have a high school diploma or GED, and, importantly, have completed the bail bondsman exam, which follows the 24 hours of training. Licensing costs $900 and must be accompanied by a fingerprint card and Finger print processing application. If you wish to use a firearm you must also complete the firearms requirements. Convicted criminals must also submit a criminal history form and may be denied under the discretion of the issuing body. License applicationsmust be fully completed and once submitted the $900 fee is non-refundable. Once granted, licenses must be renewed every two years thereafter.



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