Bounty Hunting in Arizona

Bounty Hunting in Arizona is regulated by a concise set of laws regarding the actions, behaviors, and training of a bail recovery agent, especially since a high profile case in 1997 where Bounty Hunter Michael Sanders was convicted of first degree murder. Out of state fugitive recovery agents must contract through an Arizona bail bondsman. Extensive laws ensure that Bounty Hunters act in a safe manner in Arizona.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Arizona

To Become a Bounty Hunter in Arizona an individual must work for a licensed bail bondsman. Due to the extensive regulations on Bounty Hunting in Arizona, training and education about Bounty Hunter regulations is highly recommended through local and online institutions.

Arizona Bounty Hunter License and Requirements

Bounty Hunters in Arizona are governed by an extensive set of provisions. Bounty Hunters may not have been convicted of theft, illegal use or possession of a deadly weapon, or any felony. They must also submit a set of finger prints to the state Department of Insurance and be identified in official reports as the bail recovery agent. Any “bail bond licensee” must also complete 20 credit hours of approved continuing education programming from an approved provider every two years.

While Bounty Hunters may arrest fugitives they may not enter a residence without consent, conduct an arrest without written authorization from a licensed bail bond agent, wear anything indicating they are affiliated with the state or federal government, or authorize a third party convicted of theft, a felony, or a weapons conviction to make an arrest. They must identify themselves as a bail recovery agent as well.

To maintain your status as a Bounty Hunter in Arizona it is therefore imperative to practice safe fugitive recovery and engage in training and courses that ensure the Fugitive Recovery Agent is up to date with current practices and statutes regarding bail recovery.

Arizona Bounty Hunting Schools with Criminal Justice Training and Education

Arizona Bounty Hunting Schools can be attended 100% online or a selected UOP campus.  Training and Education through Arizona Bounty Hunter Schools are focused on criminal justice which also certify agents to work in Arizona Law Enforcement, Arizona Corrections, Private Investigation, Crime Analysis, and much more.  If a criminal justice program is not what you are looking for you can find any other Arizona college program here.




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