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There are huge fluctuations in the salaries of a Bounty Hunter. A bail bond can range anywhere from $500-$100,000, based on the extremity of the crime, but average around $4,000. A standard 10 percent commission on the price of the bond can lead to an annual salary of well over six figures.  Keep in mind, though, that these rates change depending on the experience and training of the Bounty Hunter and new Bounty Hunters often earn around $25,000 in their first year.  There is potential, however, to earn much more with proper training and experience. Become-a-bounty-hunter is dedicated to showing you the path to become a well paid professional in the business of fugitive recovery.

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A significant improvement to the pay scale will be rewarded depending on the experience of the Bounty Hunter.  If you are an inexperienced Bounty Hunter, or have little background in the practices of Law Enforcement, the bail bond agency likely will assign less dangerous criminals with lower priced bail bonds.  Conversely, Bounty Hunters with more experience and proper training and education will be assigned fugitives with increased bonds, raising the Bounty Hunter’s Salary tremendously.  With proper Bounty Hunter training and/or Bounty Hunter education, the fugitive recovery and/or bail enforcement agent can see substantial salary increases. 

One last factor that affects Bounty Hunter salary is their willingness to take risks: if they are not willing to pursue criminals who have committed more serious crimes, then they will receive lower bounties.  Therefore, a Bounty Hunter’s salary relies on several factors: experience, education, and acceptance of risk being particularly important.



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