Bounty Hunting in California

In September of 1999 California became one of the states in which Bounty Hunters require specific training and licensing. As such, becoming a Bounty Hunter in California takes a bit more effort but can also be very rewarding. Bail Recovery Agents are expected to work closely with local law enforcement agencies and practice careful and calculated fugitive recovery. Training and licensing ensure effective and safe skip tracing and the State of California promotes safe Bounty Hunting techniques.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in California

Becoming a Bounty Hunter in California involves taking courses as well as meeting several other requirements. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) handles licensing for the state and only allows people over 18 to apply. The first thing that must be done is the completion of a 12 hour “pre-licensing bail education” course. Then, you must apply for your Bounty Hunter license through the CDI and take a bail license examination and score at least 70%. Lastly, you must negotiate a contract with a surety company to pursue fugitives that have skipped bail. The California Bail Agents Association can help you obtain the required licenses and offers information about specific location of classes in the state.

California Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

Once you are licensed as a Bail Recovery Agent, the CDI requires 6 hours of continuing education every year. Additionally, Bounty Hunters in California are required to notify the local police 6 hours prior to making an arrest and carry documentation of their training and licensing at all times when working. Furthermore, Bounty Hunters may not wear a uniform or identify themselves as law enforcement in any way or forcibly enter a residence except as outlined in laws regarding arrest by a private person. Lastly, the fugitive must be delivered to the state of California within 48 hours of arrest.

California Bounty Hunter Schools with Criminal Justice Training and Education

California Bounty Hunting Schools can be found 100% online or through selected college campuses.  These colleges offering criminal justice programs meet the requirements for California Bounty Hunters to obtain top paying jobs in Bounty Hunting and additional Law Enforcing careers.  Criminal Justice training and education in California qualifies agents to work in law enforcement jobs, such as a Police officer, S.W.A.T. member, Sheriff, Corrections Officer, Private Investigation and many other law related careers.  Request free information from a criminal justice program, and take the next step into the California criminal justice system.