Bounty Hunting in Rhode Island

Although there are no specific laws granting Rhode Island Bounty Hunters the ability to make an arrest, it is implied by the fact that there are provisions allowing Fugitive Recovery Agents to surrender a defendant for bail. Simply put, Bounty Hunters can make arrests in the state. While there does not appear to be any laws pertaining specifically to Bail Enforcement Agents, licensure is required for “professional bondsmen” in the state.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Rhode Island

A quick search for bail bond agencies in Rhode Island will reveal that there are many to choose from when pursuing work as a Bounty Hunter. It is wise to first specify the county in which you would like to work and do a quick search for bail agencies in that county. Then, approach the agency and see if they have any contracts available for outstanding bail bonds. But it is important to first prove your ability as a Fugitive Recovery Agent. If you do not have previous experience as a private investigator or detective, and in most cases even if you do, you may first want to spend some time receiving training in safe and effective fugitive recovery and skip tracing techniques, and to become educated in state law about bail enforcement and private arrest.

Rhode Island Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

Although there are no specific licensing requirements for Bounty Hunters in Rhode Island, “professional bondsmen” must register with the Superior Court. Extensive information must be provided as to the location, value, and other information about the property on which the bondsman wishes to operate. Furthermore, for each defendant that the bondsman holds a surety bond, bondsmen must provide detailed information about the court case to which it pertains. Beyond that it does not appear that Fugitive Recovery Agents must be specifically licensed.