Bounty Hunting in Indiana

Bounty Hunting in Indiana is governed by the Department of Insurance and specific requirements must be met in order to obtain a Bounty Hunter’s License. Once a license is secured, Bail Enforcement can be very rewarding as Fugitive Recovery Agent’s have the authority to arrest fugitives throughout the state.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Indiana

To become a Bounty Hunter in Indiana one must meet a number of licensing requirements as listed below. Become-a-bounty-hunter recommends training and education in order to meet the requirement that licensees “have knowledge” in the bail bond business and pass the formal examination. While the $750 of fees are slightly more than other states, holding an individual Bail Agent’s License allows Fugitive Recovery Agents to pursue and apprehend fugitives themselves, which can be very rewarding for the individual.

Indiana Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

Bounty Hunters must be licensed in Indiana. Licenses in the state are known as a “Bail Agent’s License” and they may only be issued to individuals. In order to obtain a license you must be 18 years old, not been convicted of a felony in the past 10 years or a misdemeanor in 5, be a resident of the state, have knowledge or receive instruction in the bail bond business or have held a “line of fire” license for one of the last five years, and take and pass a written examination. Furthermore, you must pay a $650 licensing fee, a $100 examination fee, and submit fingerprints and a photo to the Department of Insurance.




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