Bounty Hunting in Iowa

Bounty Hunting is allowed in Iowa and Fugitive Recovery Agents must be licensed by the state before they make arrests. Notably, there are specific provisions in the state that allow innocent third parties to sue Bounty Hunters should they be “injured in person or property” by the actions of a Bounty Hunter and a Bail Enforcement Agent may not enter the home of or use force against an innocent third party. Thus, it is extremely important to undertake safe practices and ensure that fugitives are recovered in a safe manner and respect innocent bystanders. Effective training can help ensure safe and effective Bounty Hunting in Iowa.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Iowa

Bounty Hunters are known as “Bail Enforcement Agents” in Iowa and they must meet a number of requirements, listed below, to be eligible for licensing. Bail Recovery Agents must be part of a business that has submitted a $5000 bond to the Department of Public Safety to ensure safe practices and also must provide proof that they have the financial means to cover “damages resulting from accidents or wrongdoing arising out of the ownership and operation of a bail enforcement business.” Thus, to become a Bounty Hunter in Iowa, it is essential to provide proof that you understand safe practices in fugitive recovery. For this, become-a-bounty-hunter recommends education and training prior to pursuing employment as a Bounty Hunter.

Iowa Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

Licensing is required in Iowa and costs $100 for two years. There are a number of requirements, however. Bounty Hunters must be 18 years old, not a peace officer, have no prior convictions for felony or aggravated misdemeanor, not addicted to alcohol or a controlled substance, have no history of violence, be “of good moral character,” not been convicted of illegally using, carrying or possessing a deadly weapon, nor convicted of a handful of other crimes. Lastly, they must get fingerprinted and allow a background check.





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