Bounty Hunting in Nebraska

Bounty Hunting in Nebraska is not covered specifically in any statutes but a “surety” is allowed to make an arrest. Therefore, Bounty Hunting is allowed, but is not controlled by any specific provisions. There are, however, some provisions applying to sureties and numerous bail bond agencies operating in the state. Bounty Hunting can be a profitable profession in Nebraska.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Nebraska

To become a Bounty Hunter in Nebraska one must first obtain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively skip trace fugitives. If you do not have prior experience as a private investigator, detective, or other related profession, it is wise to undertake education and training in safe and effective skip tracing and fugitive recovery. Then, it will be possible to find one of the many bail bond agencies in the state and seek contracts as a Fugitive Recovery Agent on skipped bonds.

Nebraska Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

While Bounty Hunting in Nebraska does not require a license there are requirements that must be met in order to skip trace fugitives in the state. According to state law, sureties must be a resident of the state, have property in the county in which they operate. If they are not an incorporated insurance company licensed to operate in the state, they must be worth at least double the cost of the bonds they hold. How far this applies to individual Fugitive Recovery Agents is unclear; while the surety, or company holding the bond, must meet these requirements, it is not specified whether their employees must do so. Therefore, if you wish to open your own business as a Bond Recovery Agent you must meet the aforementioned requirements but it appears they are not necessary simply to work as an agent for a surety company.







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