Bounty Hunting in Kansas

Although there was once extensive laws regarding bail bonds and fugitive recovery in Kansas (Chapter 61 Article 3) it has since been repealed. Thus, there are no specific laws applying to Bounty Hunters in the state. It is possible to pursue fugitives who have skipped bail and forfeited their bond as defined by Chapter 22 Article 27, which states that recovery may be had on a bond in the name of the state if a prisoner skips bail.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Kansas

Because there are no licenses or laws regarding Bounty Hunters in Kansas it appears that anyone can become a Bounty Hunter in Kansas. Safe and effective practices are still recommended, however, and they can be learned through training and education.

Kansas Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

Kansas has no specific provisions or licenses applying to Bounty Hunters.




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