Bounty Hunting in North Dakota

Bounty Hunting in North Dakota is loosely regulated by the Department of Insurance. While there are no laws pertaining directly to Fugitive Recovery Agents or anyone specifically designated to skip trace fugitives, bail bondsmen do have the authority to make arrests when fugitives have skipped bail. Therefore, it is assumed that the regulations pertaining to bail agents also apply to Bounty Hunters in the state.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in North Dakota

Becoming a Bounty Hunter in North Dakota, assuming that “bail bondsmen” in the state law refers to all professionals in the bail bond business, requires training and licensure. You must first complete 24 hours of “approved coursework,” including at least 3 hours of education about ethics.

North Dakota Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

Licensing for bail bondsmen falls under the same requirements as all insurance producers in North Dakota. In order to receive a license it is necessary to pas an exam regarding insurance laws of the state and their duties, responsibilities, and “lines of authority”, which comes with a licensing fee. An applicant must also be considered to be of good moral character, reputable, and competent “as determined by the commissioner (of insurance)”. They must also be at least 18 and a resident of the state. Electronic applications can be submitted through the National Insurance Producer Registry and the fee is $100. The license must be renewed annually.




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