Bounty Hunting in Alabama

Bounty Hunters are known as “Professional Bondsmen” in Alabama and enjoy a relative amount of freedom. But this is not to say that Bounty Hunters have free reign to recovery fugitives in Alabama. Rather, professional bondsmen must meet a succinct set of requirements before being licensed by the Department of Insurance.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Alabama

To become a Bounty Hunter in Alabama one must be operating under a state business license, usually as a private investigator. This is fairly easy to obtain. However, it is recommended that you become familiar with safe practices before becoming a Bounty Hunter or a private investigator. The Alabama Professional Investigator Association is dedicated to promoting safe and efficient practices and can offer more information on training and employment opportunities in the state.

Bounty Hunter Licensing and Requirements in Alabama

To be licensed as a professional bondsman in Alabama you must be a resident of the state, have enough capital to cover the bonds you are pursuing, ensure that no one else has any interest in the bonding business, not be convicted of a felony, or be an attorney, judicial official, or otherwise hold an interest in anyone authorized to accept an appearance bond.

Otherwise, it is only necessary to obtain a business license from the Alabama Department of Revenue. This license is usually that of a private investigator and is accompanied by a surety bond, used to ensure that the business operator complies with state law, and a nominal fee.

Alabama Bounty Hunter Schools with Criminal Justice Training and Education

Alabama Bounty Hunting Schools can be found 100% online.  These programs emphasizing criminal justice qualify future Alabama bounty hunters with the required training and education as a Private Investigator, which is needed to become a bounty hunter in Alabama.  Furthermore with a criminal justice background, Alabama Bounty Hunters will be qualified to work as a certified Alabama law enforcement agent, Alabama corrections officer, or other criminal justice specialist certified to work in many law related fields.



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