Bounty Hunting in Tennessee, TN

Bounty Hunters are recognized under Tennessee law as the agents who take into custody fugitives that have skipped bail for a fee. Interestingly, it is one of the few states that actually refers to Fugitive Recovery Agents as “Bounty Hunters” in state law. In order for Bail Enforcement Agents to make an arrest in the state they must provide law enforcement in the area in which the arrest is taking place with a copy of the warrant, a copy of the bond, and credentials from a Tennessee bondsman stating that they are an agent working for the bondsman.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Tennessee

Becoming a Bounty Hunter in Tennessee requires eight hours of continuing education, given by the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents. In order to take the class you must have a current background check proving that you are not a convicted felon. Once the course is completed one must find employment with a professional bondsman, of which there are many in the state. In order to secure employment, training or previous experience is recommended as bond agencies are unlikely to hire Fugitive Recovery Agents with no experience and little knowledge of effective and safe skip tracing techniques.

Tennessee Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

There are no licensing requirements for Tennessee Bounty Hunters beyond the aforementioned eight hours of education. There is, however, the requirement that one cannot be a convicted felon. Regardless, training and education should be undertaken in order to facilitate contracts and ensure safe and informed practices that do not get you in trouble with the law and that you can successfully skip trace fugitives.


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