Bounty Hunting in Louisiana

Bounty Hunting is regulated by the Department of Insurance in Louisiana, which also requires education to obtain and retain a license. Notably, Louisiana has specific laws that apply to apprehension in a private residence, such as wearing an appropriate uniform and notifying local law enforcement. Bounty Hunters are treated much like bail bondsman in the state as Fugitive Recovery Agents are subject to the same licensing requirements as bail insurance agents.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Louisiana

Before becoming a Bounty Hunter in Louisiana, you must complete at least eight hours of education on safe and effective fugitive recovery in a “pre-licensing education program.” The program will cover “applicable underwriting principles, state laws and regulations, and ethical practices,” all important topics when engaging in bail enforcement.

Louisiana Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

A Bounty Hunter license in Louisiana can be obtained from the Department of Insurance after the prerequisite eight hours of approved training is completed. The license must be renewed after two years, a process that requires an additional 12 hours of approved continuing education. Bounty Hunters must also notify local authorities before entering a private residence to make an arrest and wear a uniform that identifies them as a Bail Enforcement Agent that in no way affiliates them with a state or federal entity.




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