Bounty Hunting in Colorado

Notably, Duane Chapman, perhaps the most well known American Bounty Hunter who stars in the TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, got his start in Colorado and the state still sees high demand for educated Bail Recovery Agents. Bounty Hunters in Colorado are allowed to pursue and arrest fugitives but in order to do so they must obtain specific licenses, which are governed by a strict set of rules. Specifically, they must be a licensed insurance producer appointed to represent an insurance company or a licensed cash bail agent.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Colorado

To become a Bail Recovery Agent or Bounty Hunter in Colorado one cannot be a felon. You must first submit to fingerprints and a background check, complete a statement that the information you have provided is true and complete, and complete a training course in bail fugitive apprehension, which typically takes 16 hours. This ensures that not only are Bounty Hunters in Colorado well versed in the legal requirements of the state, but also that they carry out safe and effective skip tracing and fugitive apprehension.

Colorado Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

Licensing in Colorado is carried out through the Insurance Division of the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). In order to become licensed proof that the individual is not a felon, subject to fingerprinting and a background check, must be provided along with a full face photograph and other identifying information. Proof of a bail recovery education course must also be provided and a yearly report of bond recovery activity is necessary.

Colorado Bounty Hunter Schools with Criminal Justice Training and Education

Colorado Bounty Hunting Schools are offered through Criminal Justice programs 100% online or a selected campus.  A completed program will give Agents the training and education to work in Bounty Hunting or any field closely related.  Additionally Colorado Bounty Hunting agents will be assigned the highest of paying fugitive recovery jobs with a Criminal Justice background.  Other related Colorado Criminal Justice career paths are in Law Enforcement, Corrections, CSI, and much more.  If Criminal Justice is not what you are looking for you can find any other college program here


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