Bounty Hunting in Michigan - MI

Although a license isn’t required to be a Bounty Hunter in Michigan, there are laws regulating their activity. Notably, Fugitive Recovery Agents “are entitled to the assistance of any peace officer,” meaning that Bounty Hunters can ask for assistance from local authorities when detaining a fugitive. There are ample opportunities for work in the state, especially in the metro Detroit area.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Michigan

There are no specific requirements to become a Bounty Hunter in Michigan and therefore one need only affiliate with a bail bond company to begin skip tracing. However, Bounty Hunting can be dangerous, especially in large metropolitan areas like Detroit, and takes significant skills, and bond agencies won’t hire just anyone off the street. Become-a-bounty-hunter therefore recommends training before contacting bail agencies to improve your skip tracing skills and ensure that you are able to track fugitives effectively and safely.

Michigan Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

There are no specific licenses or requirements for Bounty Hunters in Michigan.





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