Bounty Hunting in New Jersey

Bounty Hunting became regulated by the Division of State Police in 2005 in New Jersey β€œin order to ensure greater accountability and integrity within the bounty hunter industry, to ensure greater protection of individual rights and to further public welfare and safety.” This means that while Fugitive Recovery Agents in the state no longer enjoy the freedom of being unregulated, it is now essential that they maintain safe and effective practices, which will benefit the public image of Bounty Hunters and the Bail Enforcement industry as a whole.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in New Jersey

To become a Bounty Hunter in New Jersey one must have at least five years experience as either a private detective, a law enforcement officer, or as a Bounty Hunter prior to the establishment of legal regulation. Even if one has experience as a Bounty Hunter they must also complete a training course approved by the commissioner of the Division of State Police. Thus, to become a bounty hunter one must have significant previous experience.

To become a law enforcement officer requires formal education and training through the Division of State Police. Private detective licenses are available through the New Jersey State Police and are only obtainable if a number of requirements, such as good moral character and a clean criminal record have met.

New Jersey Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

A license is required to become a Bounty Hunter in New Jersey. Aside from the aforementioned experience, those applying must be at least 25 years old and a U.S. citizen. It is important to note that those with experience as a law enforcement officer may not be currently employed by any law enforcement agency. They must also submit fingerprints and a criminal history background check showing that they have no prior convictions and pay a $300 application fee. Once approved, one has 3 months to complete an approved bounty hunter training course at a school such as the US Recovery Bureau. Licenses must be renewed every two years, a process that costs $200.






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