Bounty Hunting in Maryland - MD

Currently, there are no specific laws pertaining to Bounty Hunters in Maryland. However, there are a number of requirements applying to “Bail Agents,” and there is pending legislation that may require licensing for Fugitive Recovery Agents. Thus, it is important to become educated on bail laws and safe practices if you wish to become a Bounty Hunter in Maryland.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Maryland

Presently there are little requirements beyond being employed by a licensed Bail Agent. But Bail Agents must comply with a strict set of rules for licensure as regulated by the Maryland Insurance Administration: they must be employed by a licensed insurer, file with the Insurance Commissioner and Chief Clerk of the District Court, be of good character, at least 18, be knowledgeable about bail insurance, and have at least a year’s experience as an employee of a bail insurer. Lastly, they must pass an exam from the Insurance Commissioner and continuing education is required for license renewal. To go into business by yourself as a Bounty Hunter, then, requires both education and experience in the bail bond business and, with impending legislation, it is possible that this will be required for Bounty Hunters in the future.

Maryland Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

There currently are no specific licenses or requirements applying specifically to Bounty Hunters in Maryland. However, Bail Agent’s licenses must meet a number of requirements as listed above, including continuing education of no less than 16 hours before license renewal. As such, education is highly recommended for Bounty Hunters in Maryland and is necessary for those who wish to work personally with the courts.




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