Bounty Hunting in Missouri

Bounty Hunters in Missouri are known as “Surety Recovery Agents” and must meet a number of requirements before being licensed. At the same time, they have the authority to make arrests without authorization.There are many opportunities for Fugitive Recovery Agents. However, it is also a felony to act as a Bounty Hunter without a license and Fugitive Recovery Agents can be held liable for damages to innocent third parties. Therefore, in Missouri, safe and informed Bounty Hunting is not only recommended, but legally required. The Department of Insurance issues licenses and may revoke your license if you do not comply with state laws. Fugitive Recovery Agents in Missouri may only make forcible entry 24 hours after notifying local law enforcement of their intent to apprehend a felon.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Missouri

To become a Bounty Hunter in Missouri one must complete extensive education and training in legal studies, defensive tactics, and firearms usage. Application forms are available from the Department of Insurance and require that you are a resident of the state with a high school diploma or GED and have completed 24 hours of initial basic training and pass an examination. The application costs $150.

Missouri Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

To obtain a Bounty Hunting license in Missouri, you must be 21, never convicted of a felony, a resident of the state with a GED or high school diploma, and able to obtain a surety bond of at least $1,000,000. Licensure also requires 24 hours of training.




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