District of Columbia Bounty Hunting

The District of Columbia does not have a clearly outlined set of laws pertaining to Bounty Hunters, partly because it is not a common practice in the District. Rather, they simply refer to “bondsmen” as anybody who is engaged in the bonding business including, but not limited to Fugitive Recovery Agents. Therefore, the rules and regulations regarding Bounty Hunters in the District of Columbia are not clearly delimited. Regardless, become-a-bounty-hunter suggests potential Bounty Hunters become educated in safe practices before pursuing fugitives for bail in the DC area.

How to Become a Bounty Hunter in the District of Columbia

It is necessary only to become a bondsman as outlined by the Court of the District of Columbia in order to recover fugitives for bail. To do so an individual must file their pertinent information with the court such as name, age, and residence. They must also file an affidavit saying that they will comply with DC laws pertaining to professional bondsmen.

District of Columbia Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

To engage in the bonding business real estate and financial information, previous criminal history, at least two character references, a list of representatives, and an oath to abide by Chapter 11 of Title 23 in the District of Columbia law is required. They must also provide finger prints and renew licenses every two years.

Additional regulations include the prohibition of bondsmen from engaging in any activities that transfer anything of value to officials of the government or criminal justice system in the District of Columbia. They also may not enter a residence unless asked to do so.

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