Bounty Hunting in Idaho

Bounty Hunters experience a great deal of freedom in Idaho, with the ability to make an arrest at any time in any part of the state. There are no laws pertaining specifically to Bounty Hunters in the state, and, as such, the profession is open to almost any resident of Idaho.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Idaho

Becoming a bounty hunter in Idaho is as simple as identifying outstanding bonds in the state and complying with bail laws regarding forfeiture of the fugitive, which can be found in Idaho Code Title 19 Chapter 29. However, become-a-bounty-hunter recommends training in order to improve the success and safety should you choose to become a bounty hunter in Idaho.

Idaho Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

There currently are no statutes requiring licenses for Fugitive Recovery Agents or Bounty Hunters in Idaho.

Idaho Bounty Hunting Schools with Criminal Justice Training and Education

An Idaho Bounty Hunting School can be attended 100% online or local UOP campus.  With rising crime rates in Idaho there is always a demand for qualified and trained individuals to work in the justice system.  Through a Idaho Criminal Justice program, individuals will be qualified to work in Law Enforcement this includes Police Officers, SWAT, Sheriff’s, Corrections, and much more.  Request free information below to learn about the Criminal Justice Programs offered in Idaho.



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