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As we move into a new age of technology, there are many resources to benefit those who aspire to become Bounty HuntersIn past years it was unheard of that accredited college education could be found through the Internet.  However, times have changed and now you will be introduced to programs that will advance your professional career in Bounty Hunting or other career paths in related criminal justice fields such as law enforcement, CSI, corrections, private security, and much more.  Career opportunities are endless in the field of Criminal Justice.  Why is this?  Well, people are always committing crimes, and fugitives are always on the run.

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*Featured Criminl Justice Degree Programs

* (SNHU) Southern New Hampshire University - B.S. in Justice Studies and M.S. in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

Become-a-Bounty-Hunter's mission is to match our customer with leading criminal justice schools for bounty hunters.  Our aim is to keep the Bounty Hunting industry thriving with talented and well-trained agents.  Unethical practices of hunting fugitives leaves not only the Bounty Hunter's safety in jeopardy, but everybody else associated with the fugitive recovery scenario.

This is an information only web site.  We will never ask you for a credit card or other type of payment for our services.  You will have the opportunity to request Bounty Hunting School information from leading criminal justice programs. If you are interested in another type of education program click additional college programs below. 

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