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Minnesota does not have any laws pertaining directly to Bounty Hunters. However, the Department of Commerce in the state does regulate bail bond agents and those in the “bail bond business.” In addition, individuals in the bail bond business do have the authority to make arrests or have an “other individual”, or a Bounty Hunter, make an arrest if the defendant is “(1) about to flee, (2) will not appear as required by the defendant's recognizance, or (3) will otherwise not perform the conditions of the recognizance.” Thus, arrests may be made by private individuals or by a sheriff to whom the surety pays a fee, similar to a Bounty Hunter.

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How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Minnesota

To become a Bounty Hunter in Minnesota one must either go into business as a surety on their own or become employed by an insured bail bond business. To become a surety it is necessary to apply to the Department of Commerce and have your application approved by a majority of judges in the district in which you wish to engage in business. Alternatively, to become employed by a licensed business, one must find bail bond companies in the area in which they wish to operate and contact them about employment. It is more than likely that they will require proof of competence in skip tracing and fugitive recovery, which can be achieved through formal training and education or prior experience in private investigation or a related field.

Minnesota Bounty Hunter Licenses and Requirements

There are no specific licenses and requirements for Bounty Hunters in Minnesota.











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