Skip Tracing - A Bounty Hunter's Biggest Job

A day in the life of a Bounty Hunter consists of whole lot of “skip tracing”, a tactic used to trace a fugitive who skipped on a bail bond and is working hard to avoid you, the Bounty Hunter.  What does skip tracing entail?  It can be used in all types of scenarios and especially when a debt is involved.  In our case we are talking about a fugitive who has debt with a bail bondsman.  A Bounty Hunter uses skip tracing to collect and analyze as much relevant information as possible to track the target.  Finding the target is the goal of the fugitive recovery business.

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Bounty Hunting can be competitive.  If one Bounty Hunter is a better skip tracer than another he will find the fugitive first and collect the reward.  We at Become-a-Bounty-Hunter feel it is our duty to show you the most practical ways of being an efficient skip tracer so you will find your fugitive first.  A successful skip trace looks something like this:

  • Think like the fugitive and trace their steps
  • Think like a Criminal Investigator and always be one step ahead
  • Use Law Enforcement tactics to properly apprehend your subject
  • Collect your money from the bondsman
  • Move on to your next assignment


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