Bounty Hunting License and Laws

The first step to become a licensed Bounty Hunter is to understand the state and local laws and licensing requirements of where you wish to perform fugitive recovery.  Keep in mind that Bounty Hunting laws are always changing.  As mentioned on our Bounty Hunting Jobs page, many Bounty Hunters are already licensed and trained in other law enforcement practices and perform fugitive recovery as a side job.  Therefore, many of these agents know the local and state laws to perform fugitive recovery.  If you want to get ahead of the competition and be assigned high paying recoveries look into your Bounty Hunting School options.

Federal Bounty Hunting License

Currently there is no such thing as a Federal Bounty Hunting License.  Each state holds specific licensing requirements for fugitive recovery.   Keep in mind some states do not allow Bounty Hunting at all.  However, if you are looking to pursue Federal Law Enforcement Jobs you can read more here.

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Online Schools:

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Penn Foster Schools
Online Programs:   Paralegal

Virginia College
Online Programs:   MS - Criminal Justice , BS - Criminal Justice , BAC-Paralegal Studies , more...

California University of Pennsylvania
Online Programs:   Master of Science in Legal Studies: Criminal Justice , Master of Science in Legal Studies: Law and Public Policy , Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence: Legal Studies , more...

Keiser University
Online Programs:   Criminal Justice, BA , Criminal Justice, AA , Legal Studies, BA (Online)

Grand Canyon University
Online Programs:   M.S. in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement , B.S. in Justice Studies , M.S. in Criminal Justice: Legal Studies

Keiser University Graduate School
Online Programs:   Criminal Justice, MA (Online)

Ohio Christian University
Online Programs:   Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Liberty University
Online Programs:   BS in Criminal Justice , AA in Criminal Justice , Masters in Criminal Justice: Command College , more...

Boston University - Online
Online Programs:   Master of Criminal Justice

Walden University
Online Programs:   B.S. in Human Services - Criminal Justice  , Ph.D. in Social Work - Criminal Justice , B.S. in Criminal Justice - Crime and Criminals , more...




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