Fugitive Recovery Agent

Every day in the United States Fugitives wander the streets in hope of not returning to jail.  In 2007 roughly 30,000 criminals skipped unpaid bonds, putting them on government wanted lists and naming them “fugitives of the law”.  Fugitive recovery agents are in high demand, as law enforcement agencies do not have the manpower to track each one of these criminals.  Not to mention, fugitive recovery agents are paid for the return of each criminal, as law enforcement officers are not.  Thousands of bail bond agencies across the country depend on the hard work of fugitive recovery agents to return fugitives to the justice system to see a return on the money originally used to bail the criminal from jail.  Fugitive recovery, also known as Bounty Hunting, is a business based around bonds, all boiling down to money.  There is a lot of money to be made as a fugitive recovery agent, however it is not as easy as going into the field and tracing criminals.  The fugitive recovery agent must know the state laws of fugitive recovery, and it is in the best interest of the agent to have a background in criminal justice, which gives confidence to the bail bondsman to assign high paying jobs.  Keep in mind, the bondsman is on a time frame to return the criminal to the justice system, therefore he will only choose the most efficient and highly trained fugitive recovery agents.



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